The Reindeer following The Magpie and The Ox.


Avril Webster Appleton’s ‘Looking Back at Monkgate and The Groves, York’, 2002 book includes this image of The Reindeer Inn from the 1930’s.

Image of group of men standing outside the Reindeer Inn in 1930s.

The Reindeer Inn is not noted on Captain Tucker’s 1852 Map of York R.E, nor in the Kelly’s Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire 1913, though The Magpie and Castle Howard Ox pubs are, suggesting it as a later addition to The Groves area.  Rebuilt in the 1960’s and closed as a pub in 2009 today it stands as a mini supermarket. 

Mick told us that during the 1980’s he played for the ‘Reindeer’ rugby team. And at this time there were over 20 amateur teams in York, each based out of local pubs playing rugby league each Sunday over the Knavesmire. Mick also played for the Reindeer in the York evening cricket league.

Others told us that the Reindeer would had a strong sense of community and charity, putting on events for pensioners and at christmas hosting Santa for children to visit. The Reindeer was closed as a pub in 2009 and became a mini supermarket that it remains today.

While The Reindeer is now closed the memories live on in the stories we hear and tell. So to celebrate these, we’ve installed up high, behind the Reindeer shop, and just down from The Magpie, and The Ox, a Reindeer disc created for us by York artist Jo Ruth.

Image of the Reindeer Disc installed on the side of a house, behind the Reindeer, Londis on the corner of Townend St.

You can see more of Jo Ruth’s work on Instagram @joruth where you’ll be able to see more development of The Groves images, and on her website

Do you have a story about The Reindeer? Maybe a photo or memory? Or do you have something else to share about The Groves, if so please do get in touch –

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