Tales From The Terrace


We Are The Groves Workshop ‘Tuesday 4pm, 9th March 21’. Audio and slide show recording by Ros Batchelor. Introduced by storyteller Arabian Phoenix.

When Grove Terrace was built in 1824 it was a strangely isolated urban development in a rural setting overlooking the River Foss. It was 50 years before the rest of the Groves grew out to meet it. Ros Batchelor talks about the Terrace and developer Robert Cattle who lived at Grove House and built it at the bottom of his garden.

As the Terrace approaches its 200th birthday, Ros is exploring the lives of some of the households who have lived on the Terrace and shares a few interesting Tales of the Terrace.”

A Grove Terrace house talks to other houses in the Groves

Forgive us if we seem to turn our backs on you.

It’s just that we were up here long before,

Alone in a meadow gazing over the river.

As we grew old, and maybe a little deaf,

You came up behind us and tapped us on the shoulder.

Ros Batchelor, 2021.

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