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Following on from us recently putting up The Reindeer, The Magpie, The Ox and The Falcon, we’ve 20 more discs that we’d like to decorate The Groves with. And we are looking for some help with this.

We are looking for images that tell a story about life in The Groves, and we are looking for people to help draw, paint, printed or transfer somehow something about this onto these 20 discs.

The theme is life in ‘The Groves’, and so it could be about everyday life events, or wildlife you’ve seen, moments from a wonderful life, experiences of a hard knock life, reflections on the tree of life, encounters with the afterlife or something else. Anything really that sums up life in The Groves.

It’s not an competition, so nothing needs to be perfect and there are several ways to contribute. Either get in touch and we will deliver a disc to you. Or send us an an image and a short description and we will add it to one of the discs.

Once we have the 20 done we will display these ‘Disc-Groves’ on the wall on ‘Groves Corner’ on March Street and Lowther Street.

If you’d like to take part please do get in touch – or 07951050153.

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