Image of a printing forme with letterpress type spelling out The Book Of the Groves

The Book of The Groves


Do you have a short poem, rhyme, limerick, rap, micro-story, proverb, quote or other form of words about life in The Groves? These can serious, fun, factual or fantastical or something in between. They can be about the past, present or future too.

If so please send them to us and we will handprint a book that says something about life in The Groves.

Everyone that enters will get a copy of the book and when it’s done we will host a spoken word event to launch it and celebrate The Groves.

The book will be handprinted on recycled paper, using a random selection of letterpress type on a reclaimed ‘adana 8×5’ printing machine. 

The rules are generally that there are no rules, though as a guide remember the kids are watching and love thy neighbour.

Entries should be about 8-10 lines, no more than 100 words, and be sent by 31st April 2021.  You can submit your entry as written text, or as a video/audio recorded spoken word piece.

Send your entries to or 07951050153.

If you have any questions please do get in touch. 

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  1. I used to live on Neville terrace the next door but one to st Thomas meeting rooms does anyone no the history of this building also I was recently looking up the history of the world war 2 bombing of the area and the loss of life at 32 brownlow street which was really sad

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