The Falcon disc mounted on a brick wall.

Falcons Over The Groves


As part of the ‘We Are The Groves’ artist Jo Ruth has created several images of wildlife relevant to The Groves. These include a Reindeer, Magpie, Ox, celebrating the local pubs once here in the area. But also a Peregrine Falcon. Jo told us why;

‘…Peregrines are amazing birds, agile in flight despite a 1m wingspan. In wild spaces they roost and nest on rocky cliff sides, swooping at great speed from their vantage point as they chase their prey. Until fairly recently Peregrines have been endangered species.  As a wildlife artist I love to champion endangered species and to help people to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us, even in the middle of our cities. 

Here in York we are privileged to have Peregrines flying above our city. In recent years their numbers have improved and they have been seen in several city centres enjoying the ‘cliff faces’ of tall buildings.  Feral pigeons are a favourite meal for a Peregrine – another reason for choosing to move to a city centre!

The York birds have been seen commuting between the city centre and the open spaces to the north – their north/south flight path taking them directly over The Groves. How wonderful to have these magnificent birds up in the skies above your homes. If you look closely you’ll find all sorts of other wildlife in and around The Groves…’

The Falcon
The Falcon on Abbot Street.

You can see more of Jo Ruth’s work on Instagram @joruth where you’ll be able to see more development of The Groves images, and on her website

Have you seen a Falcon over The Groves? Or some other wildlife that you’d tell us about? Maybe a photo or memory? Or something else to share about The Groves, if so please do get in touch –

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