The Reindeer, Magpie and the Ox.


Three pubs from the past here in The Groves. The Reindeer Inn, now Londis in Penleys Grove Street. The Magpie, formerly ‘The Magpie and Stump’ in Townsend Street now a block of flats, near Del Pyke, and The Castle Howard Ox, also on Townsend Street. Each with a significant history and meaning for the area.

Said together, “The Reindeer, the Magpie and the Ox” it sounds a little like an Aesop Fable you might think. Drawing on these creatively, local storyteller Arabian Phoenix works up a grand tale of character, friendship and the toxic toad.

Listen here, or watch below via Youtube.

Arabian Phoenix tells the story of ‘The Reindeer, the Magpie and the Ox’.

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