Introducing ‘We Are the Groves’

We Are The Groves 2021.
When the Magpie arrives good fortune will follow – Chinese Proverb.

‘We are the Groves’ is a creative community storytelling project run by local people in the Groves.

During this strange time of lockdown we want to gather a range of personal stories from people here in the Groves, York, UK.

We want to listen to people living here, capture memories, thoughts and feelings.

We also want to ask about the future, and how we can build upon the strong and loving community of the Groves.

With the stories that people share with us we aim to create a walking trail around The Groves based on the lived experiences of people here, their histories and hopes for the future.

Interested in getting involved and sharing stories of living in the Groves? Get in touch with us here.

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